If you could only learn one thing from this website…

Hi everyone, today I have been thinking about "if I could share just one thing with a fellow rOCD sufferer, what would that be?" The single most useful piece of advice that I could give someone would be " It's not about finding a solution in your brain but about daily effort" . At one point, during my worst rOCD period, I realised that I was stuck in trying to find answers in my brain. When I thought I had something completely figured out, literally a few seconds Continue Reading

Accepting OCD

Hi everyone, As always I am trying to cover subjects that I did not think about covering in previous posts. And sometimes the shortest posts are the best :) Going back a few years, at the height of my OCD problems, one of the hardest things for me was accepting that I had OCD. I went through analysing feelings to point of exhaustion. Asking myself why I was asking questions. Maybe this is a "sign" that something is wrong. The light at the end of the tunnel Continue Reading

The perfect partner

Hello, Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and doing a bit of mindfulness... :) I don't think I have covered the "perfect partner" issue from a rOCD perspective in previous posts so here it goes.It is also important for me to mention that I am not discussing cases of emotional and/or physical abuse. We are excluding these cases from this discussion.   There are two "lies" that rOCD tells when it comes to evaluating if we are in a relationship with the Continue Reading

Some other old notes

Hi everyone, I was doing some Spring cleaning (not Spring yet) and found some old notes from my therapy and mindfulness sessions. They really helped me to understand rOCD and what the first steps are in getting better. Here they are: OCD looks for areas of rigidity, where we are not very flexible in our beliefs and targets them. Short term goal. When we have an rOCD thought - "this is an OCD thought about...". Start labelling thoughts. Long term Continue Reading